How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back | Little Known Ways to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back

No matter what your background is or the reason for your breakup was it’s always possible to learn how to get your ex boyfriend back. While you can learn thousands of ways to get HIM back you could also focus on how to get him to want YOU back. Like all things it will take some effort but when you figure out how to do this he will be crawling to your feet. Well, probably not literally but you get the idea.

Make Yourself A Better Person

Make yourself a better person. Sounds a bit easy, right? But there actually is a good method to improve yourself but first you must know the logic behind doing this. Whatever your situation is your ex just doesn’t want you back in your current status or situation. You can try and try and try again but once he let’s you know that things aren’t working out you should focus your energy on something else.

Something else meaning working on yourself. Don’t get me wrong. Never change yourself. Rather work more on the things you like. What makes you happy? What is your passion? Doing these things makes you achieve two things:

1. You get your mind off of things. Just concentrating on your ex boyfriend won’t get you anywhere. If he doesn’t think about you at this moment why would you concentrate on him?
2. Once he sees that you have a life of your own he will see that you don’t seem to miss him. This will make him want you back. Men love what they can’t get. Be careful though. Once you see it’s working don’t show him that you are interested too quickly. This will turn him away again.

In short working on yourself is a great self-improvement method and a way to make yourself happy alongside a good way to learn on how to get your ex boyfriend back. You also learned another good method: Don’t pay him any attention.

Making Friends And Be As Social As You Can Be

While it’s good to deal with a break-up in a healthy manner, meaning slowly and mindfully, it’s also crucial that you don’t stay in a grieving period for too long. Eat some chocolate, see some sad romantic movies and think about the good times with your ex. It won’t hurt you if you do it in moderation. Once you have done this, move on. You don’t have to forget your ex boyfriend but it’s very important you don’t stay emotional for too long. Especially because it will only reinforce your sad feelings.

I know it’s hard but you have to get out and be social again. Meet up with some friends. Don’t have any good friends? What better time to make them right now. Find a hobby or something else you like. Try joining a club or at least try meeting some random people. The most important things you achieve with this is: You are doing something you enjoy, makes you happy and you learn to be social again. Being social and being around people will make you forget him sooner.

When he sees that you have a exciting and fun live he will want you back again. Just like I said in the 2nd first paragraph. Men love what they can’t have and it will make him jealous as well. “Why is she having fun while we just broke up?”. It will soon make him realize that you don’t need him and you don’t mind being alone all that much.


I hope you do consider these to be valuable tips because they do actually work on learning how to get your ex boyfriend to want you back. In the meanwhile they are good for your state of mind as well. The most important thing is to act and do something. Staying in one situation won’t get you anywhere. It will reduce your social skills, your general being and your will to do something with your live. Once you realize there’s light at the end of the tunnel you have some more space in your head left for other things and you easily can learn how to get your ex boyfriend back.