How to install HP Printer Software for Mac

In this article, we intend to discuss how to install HP printer software for Mac. The installation process will use a USB cable. It means it does not use CD installation. It may help you if you do not have the CD. Then, the followings are the steps of installation.

HP Printer Software for Mac

#1 Check the compatibility of printer

It is important to check the compatibility of the printer to the OS before doing the installation. It is because not all printers can be compatible with Mac OS. You can look up the type or model of HP printer that is compatible with your Mac essentially. For HP printer, you can look the manual or visit the website to know whether the printer you have compatible or not. This checking step is important to do before you buy the product. But sometime you may use the printer of your friend, then you can check its compatibility.

#2 prepare the USB adaptor

Mac computer usually does not have the common or traditional USB port; it just has smaller USB –C port. Then, if your Mac has USB-C port, you need to have an adapter of USB-to-USB-C port produced by Apple. Then, you can attach the USB cable from the printer to your Mac.

#3 plug in the USB cable

Plug the USB cable to both printer and your Mac. If your Mac needs an adapter, so you can plug the USB-C port for first then you can plug the USB cable into the adaptor. You can place the computer close to the printer especially when the USB cable is not so long.

#4 turning on the printer

the next step of installation HP printer software for Mac is by turning on the printer after it is well connected to the computer.

#5 start the installation process

When the printer is compatible, Mac will detect the type of printer automatically. If you install the printer for the first time, you are required to update the prompt.

#6 follow all installation process

You have to follow all the instruction through the installation process. You may be required to click some options, read the instruction before you clicking any button. There will be an explanation of each option otherwise you understand the result. You just need for several minutes until the process of installation complete. After the installation complete, you can use your printer appropriately. I hope the information on this page can help you find the solution for how to install HP printer software for Mac.