How to Plant Potatoes

The process of planting potatoes will be very simple if you follow the advice that we propose to you next. Potato plantation provides incredible results, since each potato produces a large number of tubers and is very easy to grow. The potato is a plant that comes from South America, where it has been cultivated for several centuries and its fruits called tubers (thick roots), are rich in starch . They are grown in temperate climates and in fertile soils with lots of organic matter and require frequent and abundant watering.

You will need:

  • Potatoes for planting
  • Vessels 60 centimeters high or a fertile soil
  • Topsoil mixed with compost, some sand and water.

Steps to follow:

1. Put the potatoes you want to plant on a tray in a cool, natural place 6 weeks before planting . The potatoes should be planted after the frost period, this is very important.

2. In the potatoes will appear grelos that will be the future plants. In each potato will appear several grelos. To obtain many small potatoes, leave 5 greens per potato and remove the remaining potatoes , ripping them out. If on the contrary you want bigger potatoes, leave 3 grelos (the more separated the better) for potatoes.

3. The potato plant needs fertile soils, well drained and rich in organic matter with a depth of 60 centimeters. Therefore, if you plant potatoes in pots, these should also be 60 cm high as a minimum height.

4. You should make distant holes 40 centimeters apart and insert the potatoes with the sprouts upwards. The potatoes should form an island. If we want to plant different islands, we must separate them by 70 centimeters, which is the correct distance for the plants to develop in a perfect state.

5. Spend the summer watering the plants regularly and in early autumn your harvest is ready. During the summer watering your potatoes once a week is enough as long as you do it deeply. If the leaves of the plant are wilted, then it is because they need more water, and in this situation can irrigate them more often. Another care you must have with your potatoes is to pull the weeds that grow around you. Make sure the leaves of your potatoes have holes or yellow dots, as this can be a sign of pests.

6. Potato harvesting can be done when the branches are yellowish and the tubers loosen easily. Two weeks before harvesting, cut the plants above the root leaving them on the ground.

7. After two weeks after removing the plants, you can remove the soil and enjoy your own potatoes.

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