computer software

Types of Computer Software

computer softwareIn addition to hard ware, there is another type of other devices that until now is needed to manage or operate the computer, the soft ware. Computer Soft Ware is one of the softest devices where its existence is usually required to run the end result of computer usage after being operated through hard ware. The type was fairly minimal or a little because only a few percent of the overall computer in which there are only 10% -20% just related to the device.

The first part of Computer Soft Ware is the operating system. As is well known, if this system is one of the most important parts of the computer as well as of the type of device itself which is greatly affecting for the use or operation of the computer itself. In addition, there are some effects which caused from lack of additional operating system in the computer, one of them is to trigger the occurrence of damage or the absence of connections or networks connected between computers with network programs therein.

Second, the next Computer Soft Ware is a computer program where the program contains all kinds of things related to the features or applications that are connected directly to the Internet network or computer network. Some programs generated from this device include social media, internet and all kinds of other programs which is an additional application that must be adjusted to the operating system that is connected therein, so that the system program to be entered into the computer network does not cause damage or incompatibility that later can causing material and non-material harm to you as a user of that computer. So, it’s a knowledge that you might never know all about sofr wares that’s available inside the computer. Well, although it has small size or invisible, the functions of those is very useful for the existence of the computers.